Saturday, January 16, 2010

Wedding Decorating

Wedding Table Linens and Reception Theme

From choosing wedding table linens to decorating for your reception to gifts for the guests–all this and more can often be as exciting as the ceremony itself! Because your guests spend a good deal of time at the reception, sitting at their tables, here is where you can really let your creativity flow and create a spectacular event for your friends and family to remember for all time. Do you want the party of a lifetime? Do you want a deeply romantic affair with a dreamy feel? Do you want something completely original that wows the crowd? Now is your chance.

There are endless creative ideas to use in designing your wedding reception. Start by thinking about your wedding table linens and how they will support your overall theme, so that all of the bells and whistles match the feeling you want guests to have coming in, as they mingle, and as they say goodbye. Your theme can be a time period like the sleek retro 1940’s, a season-based spring lawn fête, or a color-driven design where everything reflects your favorite palette. Get more information on how you can make your upcoming event more unique by visiting

It’s the big things at your reception (tables, chairs, buffet, walls and ceiling) that will really bring your theme to life, and the detailed décor and subtle touches that will delight your guests as they sit and mingle or move around.

Wedding Table Linens and Table Décor

Think about your reception tables from a distance and then up close from the perspective of a guest sitting down to dinner. From a distance, will your tables have a look of splendor and extravagance, or simple beauty? Will they fill the room with visual delight, or serve as a neutral backdrop for something else you would rather feature at the reception, like the bride and groom’s table, or the stage, or the banquet?

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