Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sisters Studio Re-Do!

Check out what we have been working on here at our shop! We did a complete re-do of our studio and consultation areas here at the cottage. We have updated and re-arranged to keep our showroom interesting!

Here is our new and improved entryway. We had help from Aries who provided us with a cocktail table, place settings, and linens. We decided on fresh, bright colors to really wow our guests.

Next, our sitting room and showcase area has been really changed around! We have featured our crystal tree and some of our other work in this room as well. We have LOTS of awesome photos on the wall and, of course, our new T.V. to scroll pictures of our flowers on a slide show.

The beautiful photos that are seen throughout our studio are by some of our favorite photographers-- T. Kratzer, Luke Walker, Lace, Artisan, and Zettl, just to name a few!

Our consultation room has been improved as well. We have more table and designs showcased throughout the room.

These bright linens and the cool chiavari bar stools are also on loan from Aries.

We are very excited about the changes! We hope to bring even more elements of sophistication and style to our clients who meet us at our studio!

JK Wedding Entrance Dance - Forever

On Thursday of last week, a friend of mine sent me a link to this amazing video on You Tube. It quickly spread around the office and then within hours I started seeing it on many of the wedding/design blogs I visit daily! Since its debut on July 19th - this video has had over 12 million views and is taking the web by storm! This choreographed wedding ceremony entrance, to Chris Brown's "Forever" is a hit. It seems as if that video just might have pulled him out of celebrity exile, at least for the moment. Currently in iTunes’ number 9 slot for top purchased songs, Forever’s role in the wedding procession video has managed to help it rise as high as the number 6, and might have even made Chris Brown relevant again. Not only has this been a hit on the web, but on TV as well! Many news stations/shows have been talking about this - The Today Show actually invited the newlyweds to reenact the dance on their show.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Crate & Barrel Faves

With the 4 weddings this summer and one more in the fall, I have been spending a lot of time taking a look at gift registries! I am going to have to say my favorite for now is Crate & Barrel. I have selected some of my faves they have out now - I want 'em all!

Making of My Portfolio

Well, it feels a bit strange that I have graduated college and been working full time for over a year now already. I was reminiscing on my days in school - long nights/all-nighters and thought I would share some of the process of how I made my portfolio book and case all by hand. Enjoy!

Stand by Me

I am so happy to have seen this video of the song "Stand By Me" sung by Andy, Jon Bon Jovi, Richie Sambora & Friends. It is beautifully done and actually gave me chills! On June 24, Iranian Superstar Andy Madadian went into an LA recording studio with Jon Bon Jovi, Richie Sambora and American record producers Don Was and John Shanks to record a musical message of worldwide solidarity with the people of Iran. This version of the old Ben E. King classic is not for sale - it was not meant to be on the Billboard charts or even manufactured as a CD - it's intended to be downloaded and shared by the Iranian people - to give voice to the sentiment that all people of the world stand together - the handwritten Farsi sign in the video translates to "we are one". BEAUTIFUL and THANK YOU for doing this to all who were involved!

Nervous System Jewelry Design

The Etsy shop {Nervous System} was found by my {friend} who shared it with me know I would be intrigued. The jewelery art pieces are made using silicone rubber that is cut into an organic network of distorted ellipses. The shifts in direction and scale created a sense of movement and tension around the wrist. They are inspired by the complex forms of radiolarians - plant cells - or even honey comb. The white ring was made by building up layer by layer in durable nylon plastic using Selective Laser Sintering, a kind of 3D printing. These forms would be impossible to create by traditional manufacturing methods. The process creates a piece with coral-like texture, while the slight flexibility of nylon and airy design make it fun to wear. Nervous System creates unique, modern jewelry combining rapid prototyping methods with industrial materials. If you are interested in the process, check out this {link}.

Flicker Photo Layout - Pretty Sweet

This {Flickr link} was sent out a while back at work and while cleaning up my email folders I found it again and thought it was definitely worth sharing!

Sand Art Masterpieces!

Inspired by the work of Andy Goldsworthy, these artists have truly created masterpieces. I am blown away! A few weeks ago I cam across the work of {Jim Denevan} and then today a friend sent me a great {link}, introducing me to the work of {Andres Amador}. He has been producing sand art on Ocean Beach in San Francisco for five years - they creates intricate masterpieces that the sea washes away within hours. Many of his stunning images, which start out as simple squiggles in the 39-year-old's notebook, span an incredible 500x300ft - he has masterfully "doodled" on the beaches of San Francisco over 100 times over the past five years.

Words Hurt Too

This is an excellent typographic piece done by {Loducca}, a campaign associated with Children & Adolescents Reference Center - Words hurt too. Any kind of violence against children is a crime. The bruise and blood is made up of typography - phrases such as "Nobody loves you" or "I hate your voice". Found via {Fubiz}.

Edison Chandelier

Who doesn't love Pottery Barn? I am a bit obsessed, but was even more excited to see such a cool lighting fixture. This {Edison Chandelier} stood out to me as being very different and unique from what is usually seen in their stores. It was inspired by the work of 20th century designedrs like Adolf Loos, who were drawn to the austere beauty of industrial light fixtures and adapting them for home interiors. They have taken the bare essentials - wires, sockets and bulbs - and raised them up to be a great chandelier.

HUNDE HUS - Modern Pet Sanctuary

I thought this was a pretty cool modern pet sanctuary that doubles as a nightstand. Danish Etsy seller {MadsHome} is offering one of the cutest, decor-friendly pet pieces. The inside provides a quiet, dark shelter and a matching cushion - the terrace offers a lookout spot with a cozy sheepskin.

Monday, July 27, 2009

All Orchid Bouquet

Emily G. had a gorgeous wedding this month at St. Peter's Cathedral in Belleville. Her bouquet was an impressive arrangement of all green cymbidium orchids. These beautiful shots are by Alisha Clark.

Congratulations to the newlyweds!! A special thanks to Alisha Clark for sharing these images!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Say Yes to Yellow

Yellow is fast becoming a popular color for weddings- for everything from bridesmaids' dresses to table linens, and of course, flowers. Here are some snapshots that we took of yellow bouquets for a recent wedding that we designed.

This bridal bouquet was all yellow and whites/ivories. It included gerbera daisies, roses, hydrangea, and pearled stephanotis.

The bridesmaids' bouquets were a similar mix of flowers, except theirs had green hydrangea as an accent.

Don't be afraid of color in your flowers!! A neutral bridesmaids' dress compliments brightly colored flowers very easily. If color is what you want, then go for it!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

More Awesome Images

Here are more fantastic images of one of our May weddings taken by Luke Walker Photography. Take a peek!!

Special thanks to Luke for sharing these great shots with us!!