Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sisters has a New Design Studio!

New this summer, Sisters is proud to showcase their "industrial chic" consultation space. We outgrew the cottage and have moved both our production and consultations to our new location at 431 East Clinton Place-- still in the Kirkwood that we love! We enjoy the potential that a new space brings and we look forward to servicing our clients in style and comfort!

Still the same Sisters in a new and improved space!

Simple Wedding Banquet Decorations

Decorations For Wedding Receptions

Great Ideas For Table Wedding Decorations

To get you started, here are 6 great ideas for decorations that you may want to incorporate into your table wedding decorations.

1. Confetti - Confetti has evolved from scattered leaves and flower petals, which were originally used in pagan ceremonies, to today where there is many options, such as metallic hearts or stars, tissue paper hearts or dried rose petals. The theme for your wedding can be set immediately if you include some of your chosen confetti inside your guests' wedding invitations when you send them out.
2. Wedding Favours - The tradition of giving favours to guests at weddings dates back thousands of years when the guests received five sugared almonds which signified health, wealth, happiness, long life and fertility. Sweets or chocolates are more likely to be used today than sugared almonds, and these are generally wrapped in cellophane and tied with a ribbon. Favours aren't limited to foodstuffs though, and they can come in a wide variety of themes. For example, if the bride and groom are golf nuts they may want to present their guests with a golf themed favour.
3. Flowers - These have always been a firm favourite for decorating weddings. Not only can they be used for table centre pieces they are also needed for buttonholes, corsages, pew ends, buffet table decoration and top table arrangements. Although flowers have been a tradition for a long time there is a new challenger.
4. Balloons - Bouquets of balloons in the middle of the tables can add bold flashes of colour and can really lift a room. These are tied to decorative weights with beautiful coloured ribbon. As well as balloon bouquets, arches and columns can also be constructed with balloons which can be strategically placed to mask less picturesque areas of your venue.
5. Glass bowls, vases or giant wine glasses - each one of these can be filled with decorative material such as coloured stones or leaves, or filled with coloured water with a lighted candle floating on top. Placed on top of a small circular mirror in the middle of each table, these make spectacular decorations.
6. Wedding Backdrop - One other very big item that you may want to consider for your wedding decorations is a wedding backdrop. These are great for placing behind the top table to really emphasise the bride and groom. They can also sparkle and twinkle so are great for the evening disco.

There are clearly many more ideas for wedding decorations and if you use the two resources I mentioned at the beginning of the article, you should be able to add dozens more ideas to the handful I've suggested here. Visit this website for some great balloon decorations and wedding backdrops.

Simple Church Wedding Decorations

Finding the perfect wedding church pew decorations can be frustrating when planning your wedding, but the advent of the internet has changed that forever. Now you can more readily find alternative and unique decorations you used to have to go to the craft supply stores to get. Unique pew decorations are available and all a bride has to do is exercise a little creativity. One of the most common and inexpensive items to be used in wedding church pew decorations is tulle. This can be found in almost any store and decorating with it is easy. Another good thing about tulle is that it can travel well if you make your pew decorations ahead of time, which is always a smart thing. But how do you decorate this tulle to show your own special taste? Most weddings have a theme, and you can enhance your theme by using special items attached to the tulle.

flowers church wedding decorationsflowers church wedding decorations

For example, if you are having a western theme wedding, you can wrap tulle around wildflowers such as daisies or bluebonnets and use a western bandanna to accent. What if you do not want to use tulle as a pew decoration? After discussing with church officials to see what is acceptable to use as far as attachment materials such as tape or sticky poster gum that leaves no residue, you can decide what to use. A good idea that is also inexpensive is plants. By consulting with your florist you can find ferns or other potted plants that can be decorated using battery-operated twinkle lights or if the plants are small trees, you can use colored netting in accordance with the wedding colors to cover the top of them. These are unique and will add a special touch to your pews.

luxury church wedding decorations designluxury church wedding decorations design

Other pew decorations to think about are special hurricane lamps, unlit tiki torches, or even a single candle attached to special floral bouquets. And if all else fails, you can always use a small individualized floral bouquet using the wedding flowers. Again, your florist or even a floral designer at a craft store can help create a one of a kind floral display to place on the end of the pews. The wedding church pew decorations helps to ensure that a bride and groom's special day is unique and unforgettable. No matter what type of church you decide to get married in, you can usually decorate the pews.

Best Wedding Ceiling Decorations

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Monday, October 25, 2010

Bright and Happy

That describes both the bride and the flowers at this wedding!! Lisa and Kevin were married in September. They had a bright, gorgeous day and we got to help with the flowers. Here are some awesome shots of the day by one of our favorite photo artists Clark+Walker Photography.

Lisa's bouquet was a soft, feminine mix of white, ivory, and pink. The bridesmaids had bright fall mixed bouquets with color that jumped right off of their black dresses!

We love the pink in the shoes and the flowers!

There's nothing cuter than a furry friend in your wedding photos!

Bright flowers made another appearance at Lumen for the reception.

Sincere best wishes to Lisa and Kevin! It was a blast helping you with your special day!!


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sweet Summer Wedding

Stacie and Ben were married this past June. Here are some great pictures of their ceremony and reception. They were such a great couple to work with!!

All the bouquets were a mix of greens and pink. Stacie's was lush and full with peonies, roses, orchids, stephanotis and hanging amaranthus to trail.

The reception was a the Ritz. We had two different centerpieces--one with branches and one that had a round, ball shape. Both carried through the greens and pinks and both had hanging amaranthus.

Best wishes to Ben and Stacie! It was a pleasure working with you and your families!


Monday, October 18, 2010

Two Weddings in White and Blue, Flowers by Sisters

These two weddings both had blue and white colors schemes. Take a look at how the flowers and accent colors are used in different ways.

Emily was married this past April. Her bouquet was an all white mix of lilies and other garden flowers.

All of Emily's attendants wore blue and carried all white bouquets as well for a very classic, clean look.

The aisle decorations at Emily's wedding carried through the clean, all white look.

Mary's wedding was this past August. She also used blue and white as her wedding colors. Her bouquet was a loose, lush bouquet in whites and blues.

Mary also chose to incorporate blue accents in her bridesmaids' bouquets to accent the blue in their dresses. (Fun fact: Both Emily and Mary have one bridesmaid in common--Mary's sister!!)

At her reception, Mary opted for lush, gardeny cube vases--some in blue and white and some in green and white.

Even though both Emily and Mary had very similar color schemes, they used the colors of the flowers in different ways.

It was a pleasure working with both brides and their families!!


Thursday, October 14, 2010

All White Flowers at Lumen

Sisters Flowers helped with this very classic and sleek look for Lumen. All the flowers were white for this July reception. The color was brought in with the linens and lighting. The taller centerpieces were brought in from the ceremony, which was held under a tent in the backyard of the father of the bride. Another version of the centerpieces includes a cluster arrangement of two vases of flowers and a cube candle. The third centerpiece is a low arrangement with curly willow tips to accent.

Special thanks to Lacy Branch Events who designed this event!