Thursday, April 29, 2010

Another great idea from Martha!

Oh {Martha} :) you've done it again - another wonderful idea! So for those of us looking for ways to get organized (and maybe don't have much space to work with), but still want a great looking room - here is a perfect solution! Office in a why didn't I think of that? I found this on {Apartment Therapy}.

Monkey Mind Design

Love these cute handmade cards I found on {Flickr} by {MonkeyMindDesign}. A nice variety of styles ~ I am particularly drawn to the ones on recycled paper giving them a vintage look, yet contemporary in terms of the subject. "Say What?" and the checklist of what to do with a friend are such clever ideas! The "Life is better with friends" is absolutely precious:) Also, check out the Monkey Mind Design {blog}.

Succulent Chandelier!

I have a huge love for succulents, so you can imagine my excitement when I found {this}! I can't wait for the day that I have a backyard to enjoy a DIY creation of my own like this :)

Twig Push-Pins

These are awesome! I saw these twig push-pins on {Design*Sponge} yesterday and thought it was such a great idea that I would love to do! The idea came about from a tree being trimmed in the yard and instead of throwing it out, {they} made something with the twigs. It makes a bulletin board or wall actually look like a work of art :)

Reminder about Vase Rebates!

Just a reminder about our vase rebates! We have blogged about this in the past, but we think it bears repeating!!

At Sisters Flowers, we do our best to leave a smaller "footprint" on the environment. We have always recycled and tried to conserve as much as possible. Starting in 2008, in an effort to be even more environmentally aware, Sisters Flowers began offering a vase rebate for used vases purchased from us for weddings or events.

Many times after an event is over, people find themselves bogged down by leftover vases of all shapes and sizes. They take up room in closets, basements, and pantries. Sisters Flowers helps recycle these vases by offering a rebate. We pay you for bringing back any reusable vases from your event within two weeks of the event. At the time of your consultation, we can give you a rebate price for each piece we are providing you. It's a savings for you AND we all get to help out our Earth. Everyone wins!

Since we have started doing this, we have rebated hundreds of vases and recycled all of them! This seems to be a success, so we will continue to do our part!! If you have any questions about this offer, please feel free to contact us!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The New Mr. & Mrs. McElveny

A few weeks ago I wrote about the {dessert table} I did for my good friends Natalie & Garret's wedding on the beautiful Central Coast. These GORGEOUS amazing photos were taken by {Jake}, Necia and Steven of {Mike Larson Photography}. Jake and Necia also shot their {engagement pictures} a while back. Natalie and Garret's eye for beautiful design and talent was evident throughout. From the arch at the ceremony that was designed and built by Garret himself, to all the awesome DIY aspects of the reception. Their style and their love came through crystal clear that day :) It was one AWESOME party as usual guys!

Anyone who just got engaged, getting married, or want pictures taken for any other reason...I would highly recommend them...however my recommendation is not really as important as what the photos themselves say about their skill and talent! Yet another beautiful wedding captured guys :)

My Inspirations - jewel coloured weddings

I am not sure why but I have kept this image on my computer, I think I would like my house to look like this, albeit I already have hot pink and turquoise mixed with whites but it certainly looks nothing like this!!!

I love all the textures, the flashes of colours and the chill out bed, and visualise a wedding theme coming on from this board.
I have found a few inspirations on this idea having been working on one of our brides themes, she has some fabulous different coloured bridesmaids dresses, which is becoming a hugely popular alternative to all the matching bridesmaids this year.
Whilst I love the colours below for an idea I do think if you picked the colours from my photo above with the hot pink, turquoise, orange and that fabulous green this would really make a stunning wedding.

Passionate flamenco inspirations

We adore this passionate Spanish themed inspiration board from Wedding Nouveau with this fabulous colour combination of purples, red and a touch of orange. I think the dress is beautiful and love the table settings and of course the abanico!

Fun with Wheat Grass

Here are some fun ideas for using wheat grass at your event!

Sisters Flowers rents our wheat grass box for place cards. Here is an example of how it can be used. This place card set-up was at a party we did with Lacy Branch Events. Ask about renting our wheat grass box for your wedding or event!


Wedding website for Groomzillas!

We are loving this wedding online magazine specifically targeted at the men. As more and more Groomzillas emerge this is the perfect place for them to visit, from what tie to wear, how to propose to organising the stag dos, fabulous and so original.

Weddings. Blokes. Sorted.

From before the proposal to after the honeymoon, they bring you everything you need to know about weddings. Whether you’re the groom, the best man, father of the bride this makes interesting and useful reading.
If you want to inspire your man and get him involved in your wedding plans send him to

Friday, April 23, 2010

Wedding Insurance continued

I received an interesting response from Adam who has checked out this latest dilemma
We now have a shop full of orange and red flowers so if anyone fancies a nice arrangement for the weekend please do call us! Only joking, But we did order loads of flowers just in case they got here.
The irony is I picked up my daughter from the airport tonight with a suitcase full of love heart sweet favours for tomorrow as well:(
So I have changed plans and will spend tomorrow in my store room with my new shelves.
Mind you my daughter also bought some fabulous hanging white hearts and love letters and I have my other daughter arriving on Wednesday with more goodies I have ordered, can not wait to see them all!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wedding Flower History Lesson

If you've ever wondered where the tradition of wedding flowers comes from, the following is a great post from

"Flowers, herbs and spices have been used in weddings for centuries. Today, the main purpose they have is to decorate our venues or complement formal clothing. However, in ancient times their use was more spiritually oriented. The bride carried aromatic bunches of garlic, herbs and spices to keep evil spirits away. Strong smells were related to protection from evil forces and mysticism. In ancient Greece and Rome, both the bride and groom wore a garland made out of strong-smelling herbs and spices around their necks. The garland was a symbol of love and happiness. Ancient Greeks also used flowers and plants to make a crown for the bride to wear and were considered a gift from nature. Although some cultures and religions still use herbs to celebrate marriages, they have lost their place in modern weddings and flowers are becoming increasingly important.

In some countries, the history and role of wedding flowers has remained and many practices continue to be preformed. Here are some of the traditions that are still important elements of every wedding, and not only in the countries where they originally appeared. Some of them are also the base of traditions we currently follow worldwide.

**Germany: both the bride and groom hold candles with flowers and ribbons tied to them during the ceremony.

**Sweden: the bridesmaids carry little bouquets of aromatic herbs.

**Austria: the brides crown their veils with the flowers of life.

**England: the bride and her bridesmaids walk to the church together. A little girl would lead them to the church while sprinkling flowers along the path. This tradition prevails in modern weddings with the "flower girls."

**India: rose petals are sprinkled over the bride and groom at the end of the wedding ceremony to help ward off any evil spirits.

Starting in the form of herbs and spices, flowers have always been an important element to weddings--not only for their undeniable beauty but also for their historical significance symbolic meanings."


Wedding Insurance

It has been a strange week with the airspace over the UK and most of Europe closed and of course there have been many casualties, not least one of our weddings booked for this Saturday has had to be cancelled due to the wedding party just not being able to get to Spain.
Having also seen many hotels here close in the last year such as Los Monteros, Las Dunas, Taberna del Albadero, in the light of this, we would strongly recommend any brides planning their wedding abroad to take out wedding insurance to protect themselves from such disasters happening.
Spain is not an insurance culture and there are no insurance companies here in Spain offering this, but many clients coming from the UK, Ireland and the US should investigate what is available to them.
We are currently investigating a few insurance companies offering insurance for weddings abroad and will be offering this to our brides soon.

Fabulous Florals

We just love the fabulous florals that are still taking one of the top slots in wedding styling, and were thrilled to find this image on The City Sage.
It showcases the decadence of the hugely popular floral style that is still taking the fashion and interior worlds by storm.
We cannot wait to see our latest photo shoot of a Cath Kidston style centrepiece and cake and now have these two fabulous accessories coming to our shop soon.

Check out our floral card cake stand at just 14 euros, easy and quick to assemble and ideal for garden style weddings or vintage tea parties to pop your fairy cakes on.
Flat packed and easily transportable, saving you the hassle of hiring or buying a china piece and worrying about it breaking.
We adore these beautiful vintage style teacup candles at 15 euros each, a gorgeous and unique gift for your girlfriends, set them out on your tables to complete that fabulous vintage style. They come in a selection of sherbet colours and can be washed once the candle has finished and used as a normal teacup.
Both these items will be available in our shop next week.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Can Cascades Be Gardeny?

With more and more weddings drawing inspiration from vintage styles, cascade bouquets are slowly gaining in popularity. If you are looking at old photos of your Grandparents' weddings, you may have noticed that the majority of those bouquets were the long, large, and overpowering cascades that most people have come to dislike. The wedding styles of the 80s didn't help either, as some people see a cascade bouquet and think poofy sleeves and big hair.

Sisters is here to let you know that a cascade bouquet doesn't have to be the stereotypical long, dangling, "large-and-in-charge" bouquet. If done in a more modern style, cascades can be a very feminine and delicate look for your wedding day. Here are some examples from our portfolio:

This bouquet is an example of how a cascade can still be gardeny. All the texture of a hand-tied style is included in this flowy bouquet--a cascade done in a slightly modern style. Long, green lily grass is used to add length while giving the design a little flair. The bride is not overpowered by this bouquet. It compliments her well without stealing the show.

This bride wanted just a slight cascade to her bouquet. Notice that the bulk of the flowers are contained more in an oval shape with just a few flowers breaking the line to create the cascade. Again, nothing too overpowering and still very elegant.

This is a tear-drop shaped bouquet. All of the flowers are tight to form a less flowing cascade shape. This is another option if you like the forward-facing bouquets, but don't want too much of a cascade.

Even though hand-tied bouquets seem to be the most popular, there are still many gardeny and slightly modern options available if you prefer a cascade bouquet.


Thursday, April 15, 2010

Spotlight on Moonrise Hotel

The Moonrise is an awesome venue for a small reception. It is located right on The Loop here in St. Louis. The hotel has a very modern and fun design. It's lunar-themed lobby alone is quirky, yet sophisticated with a lighted open staircase that changes color. Sisters did an intimate wedding reception there for about 50 people in one of their meeting rooms. But this just wasn't any meeting room. This cozy room overlooked The Loop itself. Here are some pictures that we took at our set-up of the venue.

Just a few tall, full arrangements, in addition to the great view, was all the room needed. If a small event is in your future, don't count out The Moonrise Hotel.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Fresh green table styling

Another morning of some more table decorating inspiration and we love this fresh white and green scheme found on the photography blog of Lane Ditto
I think the details such as the little white paper lanterns on the chairs and those beautiful blossom twigs are gorgeous and not quite sure how that table stays up with one leg, someone might let me in on that one!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Churros Inspired Spanish Theme

Ok this morning I have yet again gone to heaven over finding this spanish inspired shoot on Green Wedding Shoes.

Using the Spanish styled theme of churros as favours or even for the dessert, we think of course is a brilliant idea, I steer clear of churros and chocolate but do succumb when visiting Marbella in the mornings! I would love to see a wedding where the guests are given hot bags of sugary churros to top them up whilst dancing.

Using the spanish lace tablecloths and the spanish pottery plates really does set the tone and we love the fan menu, going to be my project now for the day, along with the chair tags with the flamenco touch.

Another huge thank you to all these creative people that make my day!

A fairytale theme

Every girl loves a fairytale, when else can you behave like a princess and make your dreams come true, as on your wedding day.
What a fabulous excuse to create ideas and have fun personalising your day and delight your guests with quirky ideas.
We are in love with this wedding theme found this morning on Wedding Chicks, using elements from the hugely popular Alice in Wonderland again.
The fabulous colour combo of purple and lime greens and all the details, don't be late for a very important date invites, the subtle use of clocks and teapots, and we absolutely are in love with that cake.

To see more and all the hugely talented, creative people that constantly delight and inspire me visit Luxe Fete Event Planning

Monday, April 12, 2010

How to Add Bling to Your Bouquet

Here at Sisters, about 90% of the bouquets we do are hand-tied. Want your bouquet to be a little different? Broaches or pins in rhinestones or crystals can be added for a minimal cost. If you are looking for something more personal, an antique pin borrowed from a family member can add a special touch. If a more custom look is what you're after, try finding a little bling that speaks to you as an individual. A great place to look here in St. Louis is at ABC Trading Company on Olive Blvd. They have lots of varieties of inexpensive pins that you can purchase and bring to us to add to your flowers. They even have long hair pins that work great for flower bouquets. There really are lots of options for "blinging out" your bouquet!!

(Photo by Burns Photography)


Thursday, April 8, 2010

"I want my bridesmaids to all have a different flower...."

This is a design idea that we work with occasionally at Sisters. It is a definite possibility for brides who are flexible about shades of colors and flowers. A word to the wise: if you have lots of maids (more than 5) or if your color is not a common color for flowers (blue, green, "a certain shade of pink", etc.) this may not be the style for you. Sisters Flowers can make flower suggestions based on your color palatte.

Here is a photo we found on-line that demonstrates what a different type of flower for each bridesmaid looks like. This particular design used all bright pink, but notice that even the shades of pink vary from flower to flower.

Another thing to note about this particular style is that the shape and size of each bouquet will inevitably be different from one another. Some brides really like this style and difference in textures and even use all of the maids' flowers mixed together to make up their bridal bouquet.
If you like texture and uniformity is not your ultimate goal, this is certainly a unique way to set your wedding style apart.

Outdoor Essentials for Spring :)

With the weather warming up these days, I have been dreaming of having my own home with a beautiful backyard for entertaining and relaxing. What better place to go for furniture and other outdoor living essentials than {Crate&Barrel} One day...

Ya ya ya...I love me some GREEN!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

SIsters Flowers Named "Best" on Fox 2 Hot List!

Thanks to all of our clients and friends who took the time to vote for us!! We are thrilled to be named the best for wedding flowers in St. Louis!! It is our pleasure to serve you!!!


Monday, April 5, 2010

Lush Fall Colors

Angela and Derek are a cute couple that we helped out last fall. Here are some pictures of their vibrant and lush fall flowers. Such bright flowers for a bright bride and groom!

The bridal bouquet was a glorious fall mix of reds, yellows, and oranges using gerbers, berries, tulips, roses, and mini callas.

The bridesmaids carried all the colors in gerber daisies.

This small clutch bouquet is the what the moms carried for their flowers.

Angela looks radiant and ready for her big entrance. We LOVED this bouquet for their sunny, autumn wedding day!

Derek wore this flame mini calla bout. with red berry accent to match Angela's flowers.

The other guys wore these cute fall mum bouts.

The ceremony was held at First Congregational Church in Webster Groves. Fall mums lined the aisle and bright fall flowers framed the altar in tall vases.

Wildflower Loft was the reception venue for this happy couple. Short cube arrangements in the wedding colors decorated the room.

Colorful croton leaves were wrapped around the inside of the cube vase for added interest and color.

It was a pleasure working with such an awesome couple! Best wishes to Angela and Derek!