Saturday, March 13, 2010

Cheap Wedding Decorations

While most of the couple today are thinking of preparing a fortune to spend for one of their most memorable day – wedding, some might find this hard to believe that planning a cheap wedding is quite easy to do. Just like planning for an extravagant wedding celebration, cheap wedding ideas are also great and fun, and can be really unique and creative, too! So if you are one of many couples who opt to have a cheap wedding without compromising what you have desired to be in your special day, consider saving money on your wedding location, reception and decorations.

One way to trim down your wedding expenditures is by planning of having a cheap wedding location. Planning to have this cheap idea is not impossible to do. In fact, you can have your wedding ceremony in a variety of locations that are completely free. A great example could be a local park. Usually, going to a local public parks doesn't require any fees, and so planning a cheap wedding ceremony there doesn't give you any cost. They don't usually require any permits of other fees too. However, just make sure you have double checked it with your local city authorities before anything else.

Beaches are also a free place where you can held your wedding. Other ideas may include: having your wedding at a family member's home, or having it in your own backyard. If you and your partner loves nature, it may be free or very inexpensive to have your ceremony at a local zoo, nature reserve, or even at flower conservatory also.

Another area where you can save some money is your wedding reception. If you are on a tight budget, you can always go with cheap wedding reception, and believe or not this is not too difficult either. One of the most popular cheap reception is idea is to make a pot luck meal. You can ask each of your guests to bring their own dish. But if you'd rather not ask guests to bring food for your wedding reception, then perhaps asking a few family members to get together and cook food as a wedding gift for you can lighten your burden.

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