Saturday, March 13, 2010

Wedding Table Decoration

Decorating the tables at a wedding can be a hassle unless the whole thing has been planned well in advance. The reason is that guests are going to come and sit at these tables and converse with each other. Therefore, it is the duty of the decorator to set the appropriate ambience for the wedding to take place.

The Cover Cloth

The first thing that one should take care of while decorating wedding tables is the cloth that covers it. You may stick to the traditional white and ivory colors. However, if you are open to experimentation you may use pastel shades such as pink, green and mauve. Sometimes more than one color is also used. This means that more than one table cloth might be required to set the table. Make sure that the cloths are taped to each other so that they don’t slide off each other in time.


Centerpieces can make or break the environment of a wedding. Most people choose to place flowers in vases on the table as the centerpiece. Roses, lilies and orchids are good choices. However, care should be taken that the centerpiece, no matter what it is, it should not dominate the table. People should be allowed to carry on conversation with each other at the table without discomfort.

Another choice for centerpiece is scented floating candles placed in bowls of water and lit a few moments before the guests start arriving.


If the couple wants to make the table decoration a little more personal they can also place small photos of themselves together with the flowers or the candles in photo frames with the date of the ceremony engraved on the frame.
Tables can also be decorated with plates of snacks that the guests can pick from during the ceremony if they wish to. Cheese, fruits, dried nuts and fruits are popular edible choices of centerpiece decoration at wedding tables.

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